At BSCSMX we design basic and timeless garments that complement your wardrobe, making it more versatile and easy to wear. We go beyond being a clothing brand. We consider ourselves a local initiative that seeks to make a difference.

BSCSMX was born out of a genuine concern about the way in which the clothes we consume today are produced. We guarantee a quality fabric made in Mexico and a fair maquila model where we partner with small cooperatives to ensure that whoever collaborates with us is treated with dignity, fairly paid and valued for their work.

Most of the production of the garments that are consumed today are made in developing countries where the days exceed twelve hours of work in exchange for a salary of two dollars per day.

The economic factor is not the worst risk. In the last decade, appalling working conditions have claimed the lives of more than 1,000 garment workers in Bangladesh alone.

Concerned about this reality and wanting to find an alternative to this type of consumption, we ask ourselves:

How do we promote local industry in Mexico?

What changes can we make to consume clothes more consciously?

How do we guarantee better working conditions for those who make our clothes?

We believe in the impact of responsible consumption. You decide with your wallet and you don't have to change your lifestyle to make a positive difference. Consume brands that inform you about the origin of your products.


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